Monday, May 30, 2011

Zenescope Tales From Neverland #1

Ok, Here's my 1st work-related post: below you can see the cover of a book I did for Zenescope titled 

The book's right now on the stands. What to say... sexy near-to-non-dressed fairies... plus there's a story behind :D

Here' some credits and info:

Written by: Linda Ly & Raven Gregory
Pencils by: Judit Tondora & Antonio Bifulco
Colors by: Rolland Pilcz & Miguel Garrido
Letters by: Jim Campbell

Cover A by Al Rio
Cover B by Joe Pekar

This new Grimm series features all new tales about the characters and creatures that inhabit the realm of Neverland.

Neverland was once a place of peace and beauty filled with magical creatures. The most beautiful and magical of them all where the fairies. But that was before the Dark One started his war and before a new ruler came to Neverland…a ruler who had his sights set on a very special fairy…a fairy named Tinker Belle. 

Hope you like it!

Workspace bits

As promised here's some pics of my studio (click on thumbnails to see full-size images):

Bobble head Elwood Blues (hope soon to be with his beloved well-known brother)

My sexy girls on my desk

Some "always on hand" tools

Sporty guy

Some of my CDs and DVDs with my lil' Siamese at guard

Books, books and books


more books

This's just some random piece, in fact there isn't any drawing table or even a pencil in this pics so take this as "Part-1".

First steps

Ok, I'm still trying to understand how this new thing (at least for me) works... added a banner, then figured out there's no e-mail displayed so added my e-mail to the banner and then adding some links of friends blogs (hope they'll do the same for me). Next step I'll post some pic of my work-space (not 'cause I think you can't wait to see it but just 'cause I really like to see it on other artists sites so I think it's cool to do the same... "contraddiction" you say? Maybe you're right) and then I'll start posting whatever I can and think is interesting.