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New Blog design!

I did it! I've spent some minutes of my time to make this blog a little less terrible looking :D

The image you see as background is a part of an illustration I'll be giving away at the New York Comic Con in postcard size along with bookmarks in 4 different versions (you see one up here as a banner) while I'll be at the Aces Weekly table (at the side of David Lloyd) as part of the promotion for the upcoming "Gabriel, Warrior Exorcist" by Giuseppe Rungetti and myself so stay tuned!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bits from the last moments of The Complex volume 1

Aces Weekly, what's that about...

"ACES WEEKLY is an exclusively digital comic art magazine tailored for computer and tablet, featuring top talents in sequential art from around the globe. Published by David Lloyd - the man who brought you V For Vendetta - and managed by ex- Marvel editor, Bambos Georgiou, Aces Weekly offers an exciting new opportunity for creators in the medium of comic art : the ability to connect directly with their readers, unchained by the limitations of retail and distribution which, for decades, have restricted the reach of many great comics stories published for print. Creators in Aces Weekly are given the freedom to tell almost any story they want to tell, with complete ownership of their creation assured, and an equal share of all income generated.

Join us for a bold new venture in digital entertainment, brought to you by some of the best and brightest storytellers in the world!

Aces Weekly can be acquired only via our website - And appears every 7 days with continuing stories from great creators, including...
David Lloyd, Kyle Baker, David Hitchcock, John McCrea, Lew Stringer, Mark Wheatley, Yishan Li, Herb Trimpe, David Leach, Alain Mauricet, Paul Maybury, Billy Tucci, Bill Sienkiewicz, Marc Hempel, James Hudnall, Carl Critchlow, Kev Hopgood, Steve Bissette, Val Mayerick, Henry Flint, Dan Christensen, Shaky Kane, Dave Hine, Colleen Doran, Dylan Teague... and many more."

This last July I was talking about the comic industry with the great David Lloyd during a break at the ComicsxAfrica and he hit me with this idea/ project he was working on by some time already and offered me to join this carnet composed by top-quality authors, I, feeling very honored, talked about some pitches I was working on with novel writer Giuseppe Rungetti and immediately felt that really was a good idea following this new, exciting path insted of the convenctional route. Giuseppe and I cutted down to 2 only pitches to choose from: "Memoria Mortale", an adaptation of one of his sci-fi novels and "Gabriel,  Warrior Exorcist", a post-apocalyptic/ new-medieval/ semi-stempunk idea for a comic book. We choose the second one and immediately started to write/ sketch/ design etc... I'm working on the pages right now (beside the other gigs) and I'm very excited about the whole thing, about David's project itself, about Giuseppe's and mine project, about Bambos Georgiu's (UK Marvel Editor) help in making things work properly, about all the amazing talents involved and about the media itself; I'm a strong supporter of the digital media and really think you should do too.

At this year New York Comic Con I'll be at Aces Weekly's table in the Artist Alley (with David Lloyd and many other guys from the project) sketching, signing and giving away cards, prints and stuff, just stop to talk with us about the project or the stories and authors involved.

Once Gabriel's time to go out aproaches I'll be posting wallpapers, sketches and behind-the-scenes of the pages (beside what I'll be already showing/ giving away at the nycc).

Here's some pdf's containing infos to download so you can better read about details:

Aces Weekly pdf -1
Aces Weekly pdf -2

We really hope you're as excited as we are about this thing :)

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Yes, that's a naked chick under a robe... deal with it! :D

Detail from a page I just finished and, before you ask, drawing something with naked chicks make me feel really better!

Here we go!

The title says it all: brand new (long awaited) project, written by Giuseppe Rungetti ( Right now I'm working on the roughs and this's just a small panel from page 1, sadly I can't say more 'case, so far, it's all still under the 'top secret' label but I'll be plenty of details and previews once the the projects become more 'public'. I really can't wait to share this book that has been sitting on Giuseppe's and mine desk for too much time (about 3 years) with you!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Wedding illustrations

Did something different lately. That's some illustrations I did for a wedding packaging (invitations, tickets, posters and stuff). In this case there're the (funny) portrait of him and her as seen in the 'ceremony' invitations. Had a lot of fun doing something different and those guys are very cool and kind. Wish them the best!