Friday, October 28, 2011

Back in Italy

Hi Guys

Today I've found my way back in Italy, I had a wonderfull time in New York both on the comics/work side than on the friends side. I had a small trip through visiting some friends in Connecticut and Massachussets, spent some beautiful day in New Haven and on Martha's Vineyard island and then some here and there between Boston, New York and New Jersey. Now back on the drawing table :)

Monday, October 10, 2011

NYCC and Punisher pages

Hi guys

Tomorrow I'll leave Italy heading to New York for the NewYork Comic-Con this next week (13-16 October). See you there.

And here's some page I did in the last couple days before throwing everything into bags and cases.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I've just finished and delivered the last page of a book I've been working on for a quite lot of time on and off (you've seen some teaser panel here and there). After scanning the last page I've checked all the pages (and lay-out and sketches and piece of paper and...) before pulling it in storage (sounds a lot like Ghostbusters-thing) and thinked: "Ok... now I take this pile of horrible pages, set it on fire and draw it all over again... but BETTER!". Who of you that is into the creative thing knows it's normal, after doing each panel you think you should do it again... better and the panels became pages and after doing each page you think you should do it again... better and the pages became a book and... you got it! The thing get even more annoying when you did all the pencils first and then you go with inks, so, when you finished the pencils of the last page and take on the first one to start the inking you look at it and think: "who's the dumbass who did this horrible thing?" then realize were you and think it looks like you did it forever ago, when you were barely able to hold a pencil (and you STILL are barely able to hold a pencil). Then you ink the last page and looking at the first one inked you think... a lot of bad things (to be fair). But the deadline's over (good or bad?). I hope to see the lettered pages soon.

Ok... time to get to work again. I've a script waiting for me, just a few pages but I hope to get it done before leaving for the New York Comic-Con.