Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dots fun

Having fun creating some zip-a-tone in Photoshop. This kind of halftone screen ot's something I've ever liked in comics, gives some extra "vintage" feel to the page and, 'cause of it's very difficult to find some of it into the stores, I'm trying to create some of my own in Ps. It's just a 1st test, in fact it looks a bit messy (specially on the left-hand side face) but I really like how it makes the foregroud figures so "in your face" poping up from the bg. If someone of you got some tutorial about this thing or has or is still using this technique any comments and tips will be very apreciated.

Here's a side-by-side of a panel I've been usig as "Patient Zero"... no, I'll be not using this halftone thing into the actual book.

EDIT: This's the good time I buy a damn Photoshop user manual, can't believe the amount of stuff you can do just knowing how to do that... and thanks internet.

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