Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Good bye Al.

Today Al rio passed away. Al was one of the artists who most af others influenced my grown as an artist, in the years (specially when I was at the early stages) I used to spend countless hours studying, analyzing or just looking at his images. I think it's pretty useless to stay here and say how I was (am) a big fan, how I've always refered to him as one of my main influences, how I was honored to have him covering books I drew, etc... but I think the only sensate thing I can say here is: I loved your art Al, I loved your effort in giving the world so many beautiful pieces of art and I thank you for being that unachievable ability in creating such beautiful pieces of art that I've chased by the first time I've seen your art. Please, for who of you who don't know who Al Rio was go: and, for who of you who already knew who he was I'm sure you already did.

Good bye Al, good bye my friend.

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