Sunday, August 28, 2011

More The Complex preview

The colors're out so I think it's ok if I show the "behind-the-colors" stages.

DSP pencils, as you can see the angel statue was added later. I had a crazy fun doing this spread, specially with the perspective elements. When I was on the first pages of the book I was not yet supposed to be the inker so I tried to pencil tight enough to make everything clear for the inker:

DSP inks. I was very happy to be the inker on my pencils on this book, I remember when we started doing some ink-test with some inkers (all great artists) we used this spread but the writer (and myself) wasn't so happy of the results... of course the inking was well done but something was "missing" from the pencils to inks so, after looking at some DC pages I inked some year ago, he asked me to ink this spread and then said: "would it be too much if you're goin' to ink the book?" and I said: " I would love it!" As you can see the angel statue was added later and there has been some changes from the pencils:

Here's the pencil sketch I did for The Complex wraparound cover. We started with the idea of a painted cover so I imediately setted the idea of having a "real life" like drawing, not too tight (at all), something like having the characters in pose in front of me and me doing a life portrait. I really like some part of the drawing, some "bit" here and there:

Here you can see the colored versions.